Production/Operations Management


Location Analysis 

Beantown Bakery will be located in the financial district, surrounded by many established companies and corporations. The bakery will be expected to adapt to the needs of its high-end customers because they are representing such big businesses. Customers will consist of middle-aged men and women who work for the surrounding established businesses, or who are doing business with those companies.


Manufacturing Plan

Due to the location in a very busy area, Beantown Bakery will be the size of a small shop. There will be a kitchen, a display area, a sales area, and a dining area. The dining area will be the largest, with the kitchen following up close behind. It is our goal to provide a complete customer experience and to do this we will focus on the comfort of the customers. The dining area will consist of tables and couches, along with the separate room for business meetings.

The kitchen will require a large refrigerator to store products that must be kept cool, an oven to make the products, a mixer to combine ingredients together, and a coffee maker to make the coffee. Other machinery that is needed is a cash register and a credit card machine to make transactions. Wi-Fi will also be available, so the equipment that makes this possible will be needed. Vehicles are also a necessity, since we will be delivering orders to companies.

Since Beantown Bakery is not big enough to hold large amounts of inventory, we will be limited to making products for the next day the night before. This also ensures our customers that our products will be as fresh as possible. The display cases will be used to show off the products that we are offering. There will be additional, but limited space in the kitchen to hold any excess product that does not fit into the display case in a fashionable way. Any excess product that is left over after sales have ended for the day will be brought to a local homeless shelter, so that the food does not go to waste.


Service Plan

Customer satisfaction is important; to enhance every customers experience at Beantown Bakery everything will be done with the customer in mind. In order to be sure that we are meeting customers’ needs, we will offer a suggestion box for customers to leave comments and suggestions. A customer satisfaction survey can also be completed to give us a better understanding of whether we are meeting the needs of customers, and in what areas we need to improve on. In exchange for completion of the survey, customers will get a coupon for a free coffee and muffin next time that they dine with us.


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